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On December 31, 1986, Waith, an Archangel, began speaking (channelling) through Mushiba. After several months of public gatherings with Waith, a group meditation was held and the vision we came away with was that a new opportunity for light was coming to Earth.

In each of our sessions with Waith he would lead us in sending light to the Earth and all its inhabitants. We saw this new opportunity for light  as a way for ourselves and our community to deal with the every day challenges and opportunities for lesson learning and growth.

Thus, Waith’s message, in spoken words and written material, seemed to be that light that was needed in our community and on the Earth as a whole. As a way to help us in our growth and mission of sending light to the earth and its inhabitants, Waith gave us the Guidelines for Growth:

Guidelines for Growth
 given by Waith

Respect Self
Love Self
Respect Others
Love Others
Be of Service to Self
Be of Service to Others
Be Joyful
Be Serious
Be Single of Purpose
Be Unified in Purpose

The Guidelines for Growth are about Spiritual Living in a Physical World
by Spiritual Beings Living Spiritual Lives.